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Retail Interior

Mlouye has a rationalist design vision; it stands out as a brand that offers suitcases, shoes and a variety of accessories to its users. In their own words, they aim to improve people's lives by combining industrial design and fashion. Mlouye store, which is the first branch of the brand in Turkey where our office carries out the design and implementation, is located in an open area in Istanbul Emaar Square Shopping Mall.

The store was treated as a reflection of the brand's design language. Sales area, management office, kitchenette and storage areas in the store are about 155 m² was organized into one volume. The entire interior was designed in a neutral and free from unnecessary details. Throughout the design process, it was aimed that the products should be highlighted like jewelry regardless of scale and that the design should provide the opportunity for this in a modest way without coming to the fore. During the design process, it was aimed to remove all kinds of external influences that would disrupt the concentration of the customers who would come to the store in the relationship with the products and to keep the customer's experience at the maximum level. In the main part of the store, a spatial organization was designed that narrows the space inward with a diagonal wall and turns the focus to the sales area. The interior wall, which is separated from the ceiling and designed in a curved form, and the island counter where the products are displayed together with the seating unit added to the front of the wall, came to the fore, while at the same time a management area was created at the back of the wall. While the management office remained hidden in a way, on the other hand, it was allowed to establish an indirect connection with the sales area in the volume and was prevented from remaining disconnected from the main venue. The mirrors used inside the store, along with the bright glass wall that confined the place, changed the perception of the depth of the space. Thanks to the sequential linear lighting used in the store, it was aimed to have a homogeneous light distribution on each product offered for sale in the space.

The Mlouye store was one of the other stores located at the entrance hallway of the AVM and divided by columns in a rhythmic manner. The surrounding columns were therefore adapted to the design of the front. The front of the store was designed to make the project look like a two-floor, and the surface was fused with the ceiling, using a curved-shaped component that reached the third dimension.

Location Emaar Square, Istanbul

Project Year/ 2023

Construction Year/ 2023

Interior Design/ Acararch

Interior Contractor/ Acararch

Photographer/ İbrahim Özbunar

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