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Hello Sweetie-Vi


The concept of Hello Sweetie which is located on the second floor of Vadistanbul Mall, has been designed in a completely plain and clear style in order to highlight the products exhibited in it. As it is a sales store, the place itself is intended to attract the attention of the people in the shopping center. Thus it is aimed to create a more spacious and bright atmosphere in the interior with lighting elements in different forms and sizes designed on the ceiling. Since there is no security problem in the store, a curtain that can wrap the front facade from one end to the other served as a shutter and at the same time offered a more minimal and sustainable solution.

Location Sarıyer,Istanbul

Project Year/ 2017

Construction Year/ 2018

Conceptual Design/ Acararch

Construction Project/ Acararch

Contractor/ Acararch

Photographer/ Ali Bekman

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