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Enocta Office

Office Interior

The main office of Enocta which is Turkey’s first and leading e-learning company in Istanbul is designed by Acararch. The main aim was creating an untraditional and cozy workspace where people work together, collaborate, and communicate with each other. Large plant zones as separators between open working areas and break areas, warm lighting, smooth and curvy types of furniture provide a warm and comfy atmosphere. It contains three zones; working areas, meeting rooms, and break areas, but uncertain and permeable borders create more flexible and user-friendly places. The plant zones which are the focal point of the area creates semi-zones by acting as a permeable separator between the places, it creates semi-zones such as webinar areas, sitting areas, and phone booths. Webinar rooms that are used for videoconferencing, recording videos for distance learning, and temporary personal areas are located in plant zones for creating a qualified and comfortable place. Sitting areas in different sizes that are attached to green zones are designed to meet different needs like a waiting area, casual meeting areas, and leisure time areas. Partially suspended ceilings that are necessary for hiding technical equipment are placed for emphasizing the kitchenette and main plant zone. Due to the usage of storable chairs in the conference hall, the place can be used as a large activity place also. In addition, by using curtain and foldable tables that are hidden under the benches, a large closed meeting place can be created. In a nutshell, accurate material and color choices provide a cozy atmosphere while special-designed products and semi-defined places create useful places that are changeable according to needs.

Location/  Beykoz,Istanbul

Project Year/ 2019-2020

Construction Year/ 2019-2020

Conceptual & Interior Design/ ACARARCH

Construction Project/ ACARARCH

Contractor/ Ecurie Architects

Photographer/ İbrahim Özbunar

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