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Villa Draman

House Interior, Extension & Landscape design

Interior and Landscape project was designed by Acararch for an existing summer house, located in Bodrum,in the West coast of Turkey. During the design process, an extension for upper main bedroom, and pergola structures are also added to existing  building.

Plants, sounds and natural light are treated as a design element of both outdoors and indoors. Villa Draman is a place that welcomes its guests with intense plants and water sounds coming from the small waterfall. From the beginning of the project, with blending the serenity of minimalism with special details and combining the natural-looking materials such as wood and linen with bold colors, a useful and impressive architectural language was aimed.

While two bedrooms on the upper floor are considered as a children's room with their bathrooms, the master bedroom with bathroom is added to design later. The new bedroom was built without the addition of external walls to the existing walls. Just eaves and glass facades were used to create a new simple and transparent bedroom.Thanks to the glass facades that continue over the bookcase wall, the impressive panoramic view which is an advantage of the location of the villa was highlighted.

In the exterior dining area which is separated from the pool area with flowers, a functional cabinet that hides the pergola columns for aesthetic reasons and also includes a kitchenette and a bar was designed. When the bar and the kitchenette that hidden by ceramic coated sliding panels are not used, the cabinet appears like a stone mass. That provides the desired calmness with the materials and details and maintains the minimal design language of the house. The bar area was made the focal point of the invitations with the contrasting wine-colored glass and lighting used in the hidden bar section.

Location Gündoğan,Bodrum,Muğla

Project Year/ 2019

Construction Year/ 2019

Interior Design/ Acararch

Landscape Design & Landscape Extensions/ Acararch

Contractor/ Makas Yapı

Photographer/ İbrahim Özbunar

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