ADAS Gallery

Adas Gallery was created by merging the car repair shop and the office is located in an adjacent apartment that only receives light from the north facade. The north facade where the entrance is located is designed as fully openable industrial facade to comply with surrounding facades and provide transportation of large-sized artworks. There are two main design elements. The first one is creating spaces for exhibition, atelier, and launch. The second one is providing storage area for consistently growing archive. Niches and corners are used as storage area with sliding wall systems. Main spaces are created with simple design language. This gives opportunity for the exhibition of artworks from different disciplines. Two floors are connected with a vertical inner garden visually. Besides, they are separated with permeable stairs that create feel of gap. Visitors looked like hanging in the space while using the stairs could connect these two floors. *The photographs were taken during Şakir Gökçebağ’s “Önüm Arkam Sağım Solum” exhibition.

  • Conceptual project /Interior design /Construction project : ACARARCH
  • Design team : Emre Açar, Çağrı Helvacıoğlu Aydoğu
  • Project team : Emre Açar, Çağrı Helvacıoğlu Aydoğu
  • Photographer : Ayça Taylan
  • Collaborators : Mustafa Akkaya (lighting design), Yıldırım Soğutma (mechanical design), RTK Mühendislik (electricity project), Cemal Lüküs (construction manager)
  • Services

    Conceptual project /Interior design /Construction project

  • Employer

    ADAS Gallery

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  • Project Area

    340 sqm